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In this age of the 24-hour "Breaking News" cycle, it's very unusual to find a common sense individual in the health field addressing the cancer epidemic, much less someone from the allopathic community. When it does happen I want to be on the front lines of spreading the word, as most people still defer to their doctors for advice on how to deal with such matters. Case in point; the following piece written by someone who was covered by the mainstream media.



PRODUCT: Clarity/Sage


  • 4 oz. bottle - $25.00 ea. - $7.50 USA/$15.00 Intl Shipping
  • Five Pack (5) 4 oz. bottles - $100 ea. - $15.00 USA/$35.00 Intl Shipping


1/2 Teaspoon 30 minutes before each meal
5 days On : 2 days Off


Clarity Sage, Ambergris, Cinnamon, Jupiter, Gin, Sugar Beet Syrup.

Formally known as clary water, this was Edgar's Tonic for stimulating the pancreas and thereby addressing diabetes. As I make no claims as to the viability of any of the Cayce products, I nonetheless felt it was time to take a closer look at how America's most beloved sensitive dealt with it, but first let me tell you the story of Ambergris. The sperm whale is one of only two whales which can dive deep into the blackened depths of the ocean. It does so to look for it's favorite food; the giant squid with it's amazing bio-resonance radar system it tracks down the squid, and upon locating one they have no chance of escape. The digestion process has one obstacle to overcome: the beak of the squid, which is both hard and pointed. As the beak passes thru the alimentary canal the whale secrets an oily goo to protect the lining which later on is expelled via their blow-hole. The oily film rides upon the surface of the ocean eventually jelling into chunks which ultimately wash up on shore. This is Ambergris, and it's powerful fragrance was so sought after by French perfumers, the sperm whale was nearby hunted into extinction. Fortunately, the search for Ambergris nuggets along the shoreline provides us with an ample supply, and due to strict regulations protecting this giant beauty, it's making a successful comeback as a result. Anyway, a small amount of ambergris is called for in this tonic, which acts as the catalyst with these ingredients. But does it work? Even if it did (or more accurately, especially if it does work) I would not be the person to say so, as in the true scientific model I am here only to observe your findings.


  • Clarity/Sage - $25.00 each 4-oz bottle
    Shipping $7.50 per bottle
  • Clarity/Sage (Five-pack) - $100
    Shipping $15.00 per five-pack

  • Clarity/Sage - $25.00 each 4-oz bottle
    Shipping $12.00 per bottle
  • Clarity/Sage (Five-pack) - $100
    Shipping $27.00 per five-pack

  • Clarity/Sage - $25.00 each 4-oz bottle
    Shipping $15.00 per bottle
  • Clarity/Sage (Five-pack) - $100
    Shipping $35.00 per five-pack

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