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In this age of the 24-hour "Breaking News" cycle, it's very unusual to find a common sense individual in the health field addressing the cancer epidemic, much less someone from the allopathic community. When it does happen I want to be on the front lines of spreading the word, as most people still defer to their doctors for advice on how to deal with such matters. Case in point; the following piece written by someone who was covered by the mainstream media.


Cletus' Colitis Tonic


  • Single 6 oz. bottle - $20 ea. - $4.50 USA/$10.00 Intl Shipping
  • Three-pack (3) 6 oz. bottles - $50 ea. - $15.00 USA/$40.00 Intl Shipping

What Is Cletus' Colitis Tonic?

Recreating some of the tonics Cayce spoke about during the 20's and 30's opens a door to a simpler time when people were more connected to nature. It's really only been since that time that society got caught up in trying to circumvent what comes from the earth by synthesizing the elements around us. Virtually every facet of society concerned with maintaining an equilibrium with the creative forces is now returning to naturally occurring vibrations. Yehaw to that, and the Cletus' Colitis Tonic! With extracts from the wild Ginger plant, American Ginseng, and the obscure but powerful Stillingia herb, along with the enzymatic influence of lactated pepsin, this is a throwback to a time and place the body recognizes. So please, forgive us oh Lord for trying to take a short cut to our health and well being, as we forgive those who conned us into thinking we could somehow buy our way into that stairway to heaven. Can I get an Amen?


Our single price levels the field for individuals, practitioners, and health stores alike. You may place your order below using the appropriate table depending on your location.

  • Cletus' Colitis Tonic - Single (1) 6 oz. bottles - $20.00 each
    Shipping $4.50 per bottle
  • Cletus' Colitis Tonic - Three-pack (3) 6 oz. bottles - $50.00 each
    Shipping $15.00 per pack

  • Cletus' Colitis Tonic - Single (1) 6 oz. bottles - $20.00 each
    Shipping $10.00 per bottle
  • Cletus' Colitis Tonic - Three-pack (3) 6 oz. bottles - $50.00 each
    Shipping $40.00 per pack

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