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In this age of the 24-hour "Breaking News" cycle, it's very unusual to find a common sense individual in the health field addressing the cancer epidemic, much less someone from the allopathic community. When it does happen I want to be on the front lines of spreading the word, as most people still defer to their doctors for advice on how to deal with such matters. Case in point; the following piece written by someone who was covered by the mainstream media.


Mystic Powder

PRODUCT: Mystic Powder (Diatomaceous Earth)


  • One 16 oz. container - $7.50 ea. - $10.00 USA/$20.00 Intl Shipping
  • Ten Pack (10) 16 oz. containers - $50 ea. - $20.00 USA/$40.00 Intl Shipping

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Colon Cleansing & Diatomaceous Earth

Legend has it that John Wayne's colon weighed in at more than 40 pounds when it was put on the scale during his autopsy. Given his penchant for strong drink and red meat it stands to reason that his self-destructive nature led to his untimely demise. Considering everything he left this world, it seems odd that this may be his most enduring legacy, as for decades this story has been repeated to countless groups and individuals interested in natural health.

Coming from a background in the Edgar Cayce readings I learned early on about the "twin tiers" of good health; assimilations and eliminations. Reducing more then 1,400 readings to this basic premise creates not only an entry into the depths of their message, but also affords the reader a means by which to access the health/illness readings from a practical perspective. Mr. Cayce's message was simple: eliminate toxicity from the body so it could go about the business of balancing, or correcting imbalances, if you will. In turn, this would also free up the body's ability to utilize that which was coming into the system. Then, when we review the complementary suggestions which were given to assist with the process, such as diet corrections, massage, the use of a castor oil pack, hydrotherapy, colonics, and even spinal manipulations, it's easy to see how this synergistic process worked toward a common goal. More importantly, once the physical body was returned to self-sufficiency, the mental and spiritual body could better proceed with their journey.

There are a couple of good reasons why the colon must be allowed to function normally. The first is the obvious one which is that waste matter must be efficiently removed from the body in order to prevent leeching back into the bloodstream. This is perhaps most common in and about the ileocecal valve, the sphincter valve between the small and large intestine. Once this valve gets stuck either open or closed it can cause a myriad of problems, many of which reflex through the mesenteric nerve plexus, a complex of nerve tissue which the readings refer to as the "brain" of the central nervous system, which is located directly beneath this valve. In addition to this issue there is the potential problem created with back-pressure exerted upon the overall gastro-intestinal tract, and the resultant duress it can cause upon various other glands, organs and systems of the body. The G.I. tract is a closed system and once it kinks, shrinks, or closes down, for whatever reason, something else back up the chain of command is going to suffer. Indeed, what the orthodox as well as the natural health community fail to understand is that most degenerative disorders, along with blood disorders (such as cellular malignancy), organ failures, and circulatory imbalances all have their origins with colon constrictions or imbalances.

Keeping in mind that my premise here is not exactly accepted knowledge, nor will it be for quite likely another century of drug and surgery applications by the medical community, and excessive miracle cures by the natural health community, there are still a couple of simple things each of us can do in the mean time to help the process along. Along with chewing our food well while we are eating, we must stop drinking fluids while we're eating, or drinking too close to meals. That's because the body produces acids to beak down the food we eat and these acids are released into the stomach while we eat. If you are drinking fluids during this time the acids designed to break the food down will be diluted resulting in only partially broken down food. If the food is broken down when it enters the small intestine, it will be of more benefit to the body and cause fewer problems later on. The other obvious thing we can do for ourselves is to stick to a less acidic, more alkaline diet. This means eating mostly fruits and vegetables, and less of pretty much everything else. This not only enhances the overall functioning of the G.I. tract, but also frees up the immune system to take care of its priorities which in turn affords the rest of the body an overall balancing effect. Let’s not forget to keep the chemistry of the body in balance by pumping up the thyroids with detoxified iodine when they’re running low, and you can help the bowel movement along with the regular use of the "no mess" castor oil pack, complete with organic castor oil. Last but not least, you can add in diatomaceous earth into the mix. Mystic Powder is a slow, gentle way of enhancing the colon's function by gently scraping off the old, built up excess debris from the colon lining. It's not like the herbal approach, which in my mind is too harsh and too fast acting to really get the grime off which has been building up for years in most people. Once the lining is clear, water can pass through the intestinal lining in either direction, which is actually the true meaning of hydration. Further more, the villa, which reside on the colon wall and are designed to assist with the bowel movement, can resume their original function and then things really start to become normal.

Harkening back to the readings which suggested that there were only four elements which were essential in maintaining the body's equilibrium (water, salt, soda, and iodine), I think it's important to keep in mind that Mystic Powder is a wonderful form of soda; calcium carbonate, seeing as it's made of microscopic sea shells from ancient sea beds. In other words, when you get ready to do that deep-cleansing water fast your body has been craving, now you have the tools to maintain the body's basic elemental makeup while allowing the cleansing process to take its course. This, my friends, is the breakthrough we've been searching for, plain and simple, and so very Cayce!


  • Mystic Powder - $7.50 each 16-oz container
    Shipping $10.00 per container
  • Mystic Powder (Ten-pack) - $50
    Shipping $20.00 per ten-pack

  • Mystic Powder - $7.50 each 16-oz container
    Shipping $15.00 per container
  • Mystic Powder (Ten-pack) - $50
    Shipping $22.50 per ten-pack

  • Mystic Powder - $7.50 each 16-oz container
    Shipping $20.00 per container
  • Mystic Powder (Ten-pack) - $50
    Shipping $40.00 per ten-pack

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